Time Ephemerides — ephcom-2.0.2 release

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The ephcom-2.0.2 software package that gives users convenient access to the JPL ephemerides, has been released. Those ephemerides (which are available in uncompressed form at ftp://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/eph/planets/ascii and in compressed form at http://sourceforge.net/projects/timeephem/files/Compressed%20Ascii%20JPL%20Ephemerides) represent mankind’s best knowledge of the positions and velocities of all major bodies of the solar system over centuries (short ephemerides) and millennia (long ephemerides). The ephcom2 software allows the user to manipulate (e.g., convert from compressed or uncompressed ascii form to binary form) as well as interpolate (i.e., provide results at a given time) those ephemeris data in a well-documented (see http://timeephem.sourceforge.net/documentation.php) way.

via SourceForge.net: Time Ephemerides: News.

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