Scilab video tutorials

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Scilab video tutorials

Here you have a few video tutorials or screencasts that I found around the web teaching or demonstrating Scilab. I have included brief notes about each video to make it easy for you to decide if you want to watch them.  Also I did a little of filtering by selecting screencasts showing Scilab version 5 or greater.

Now, my findings.


The following screencasts series were the best I found in terms of quality, organization and content:

Scilab: How to install and use Scilab – Lesson 1

Part 1 of a series of introductory lessons (12:12 minutes). Rest of series is available as a pay product.

  • uses Scilab 5.1.1 on Windows XP
  • topics: downloading from website, semicolon “;” meaning, clearing variables from memory, viewing environment status, built-in constants, vector and matrix operations, complex numbers
  • readable text but blurry at full screen

Spoken tutorials on Scilab

A series of 10 videos each one with language options: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi and others.

  • uses Scilab 5.2.0 on Mac OS
  • topics: mathematical operations, matrix and vector operation, programming, Scicos

Scilab series

A series of 15 videos introducing Scilab. No sound.

  • uses Scilab 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 on Windows Vista (it seems)

Individual videos

A good alternative to Matlab: Scilab for Mac

Demonstrates basic Scilab use and compares features with MatLab (4:02 minutes).

  • uses Scilab 5.2.1 on Mac OS
  • mostly uses the Scilab text editor
  • importing MatLab files
  • using the demos included in Scilab
  • shows Xcos but admits he does not know how to use it
  • volume is a little low

How to perform matrix multiplications and inverse with Scilab

The video shows exactly what its title says  (7:59 minutes).

  • uses Scilab 5.1 on Windows XP
  • matrix syntax
  • inverse of a matrix
  • clearing the console
  • exit Scilab
  • some times a little difficult to understand words

RTC Scilab demo 1

Demonstrates RTC toolbox with Xcos to control robotics with Scilab (2:08 minutes, no sound, english and japanese text).

  • uses Scilab 5.2.2 on Windows Vista
  • using Xcos.

Using Scilab-XCOS to simulate PID controller

As the title says (6:06 minutes, no sound)

  • uses Scilab version 5  on Linux
  • illustrates use of Xcos

Calculate derivative at a point (spanish)

Shows how to calculate the derivative of a function at a point (1:29 minutes, spanish)

  • Scilab 5.1.1 on Windows XP (it seems)
  • creating a function
  • calculate derivative at a point
  • was recorded with a video camera

Basic tutorial (czech)

Introduction to Scilab. (3:17 minutes, czech)

  • uses Scilab 5 on Windows Vista (it seems)
  • showing date
  • vector and matrix syntax
  • elementwise operations
  • text blurred at full screen

Impulse, step and transfer functions (spanish)

Demonstrates how to program a simulation of a transfer function using impulse and steps functions (2:11 minutes, spanish)

  • uses Scilab 5.1 on Windows XP
  • plotting
  • opening  multiple plot windows

I have collected many of this videos in a Youtube playlist.

By the way, there is an official Scilab channel in Youtube:

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