FLOSS for Science Books January-February 2012

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The following FLOSS for science related books were published during the months of January and February 2012. After reading this post you can browse a growing catalog of books that you can acquire through our FLOSS for Science Bookstore.

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Biostatistics with R: An Introduction to Statistics Through Biological Data

Biostatistics with R is designed around the dynamic interplay among statistical methods, their applications in biology, and their implementation. The book explains basic statistical concepts with a simple yet rigorous language. The development of ideas is in the context of real applied problems, for which step-by-step instructions for using R and R-Commander are provided. Topics include data exploration, estimation, hypothesis testing, linear regression analysis, and clustering with two appendices on installing and using R and R-Commander. A novel feature of this book is an elementary introduction to the basic of Bayesian analysis. This author discusses basic statistical analysis through a series of biological examples using R and R-Commander as computational tools. The book is ideal for instructors of basic statistics for biologists and other health scientists. The step-by-step application of statistical methods discussed in this book allows readers, who are interested in statistics and its application in biology, to use the book as a self-learning text.


Statistics for Censored Environmental Data Using Minitab and R

Statistical Methods for Censored Environmental Data Using MinitabĀ® and R, Second Edition introduces and explains methods for analyzing and interpreting censored data in the environmental sciences. Adapting survival analysis techniques from other fields, the book translates well-established methods from other disciplines into new solutions for environmental studies.


Statistics in Psychology Using R and SPSS

Statistics in Psychology covers all statistical methods needed in education and research in psychology. This book looks at research questions when planning data sampling, that is to design the intended study and to calculate the sample sizes in advance. In other words, no analysis applies if the minimum size is not determined in order to fulfil certain precision requirements.

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