FLOSS for Science Books November 2011

The following FLOSS for science related books were released during the month of November 2011. After reading this post you can browse a growing catalog of books that you can acquire through our FLOSS for Science Bookstore.

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Behavioral Research Data Analysis with R (Use R!)

This book is written for behavioral scientists who want to consider adding R to their existing set of statistical tools, or want to switch to R as their main computation tool. The authors aim primarily to help practitioners of behavioral research make the transition to R. The focus is to provide practical advice on some of the widely-used statistical methods in behavioral research, using a set of notes and annotated examples. The book will also help beginners learn more about statistics and behavioral research. These are statistical techniques used by psychologists who do research on human subjects, but of course they are also relevant to researchers in others fields that do similar kinds of research. The authors emphasize practical data analytic skills so that they can be quickly incorporated into readers’ own research.

An Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications to R

This book provides both an elementary and a modern introduction to the bootstrap for students who do not have an extensive background in advanced mathematics. It offers reliable, hands-on coverage of the bootstrap’s considerable advantages — as well as its drawbacks. The book outpaces the competition by skillfully presenting results on improved confidence set estimation, estimation of error rates in discriminant analysis, and applications to a wide variety of hypothesis testing and estimation problems. To alert readers to the limitations of the method, the book exhibits counterexamples to the consistency of bootstrap methods. The authors take great care to draw connections between the more traditional resampling methods and the bootstrap, oftentimes displaying helpful computer routines in R. Emphasis throughout the book is on the use of the bootstrap as an exploratory tool including its value in variable selection and other modeling environments.

An R Companion to Linear Statistical Models

Focusing on user-developed programming, An R Companion to Linear Statistical Models serves two audiences: Those who are familiar with the theory and applications of linear statistical models and wish to learn or enhance their skills in R; and those who are enrolled in an R-based course on regression and analysis of variance. For those who have never used R, the book begins with a self-contained introduction to R that lays the foundation for later chapters.

Motion in Games: 4th International Conference, MIG 2011, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, November 13-15, 2011, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer … Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics)

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Motion in Games, held in Edinburgh, UK, in November 2011. The 30 revised full papers presented together with 8 revised poster papers in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on character animation, motion synthesis, physically-based character motion, behavior animation, animation systems, crowd simulation, as well as path planning and navigation.

CUDA Application Design and Development

As the computer industry retools to leverage massively parallel graphics processing units (GPUs), this book is designed to meet the needs of working software developers who need to understand GPU programming with CUDA and increase efficiency in their projects. CUDA Application Design and Development starts with an introduction to parallel computing concepts for readers with no previous parallel experience, and focuses on issues of immediate importance to working software developers: achieving high performance, maintaining competitiveness, analyzing CUDA benefits versus costs, and determining application lifespan.

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems — CHES 2011: 13th International Workshop, Nara, Japan

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, CHES 2011, held in Nara, Japan, from September 28 until October 1, 2011. The 32 papers presented together with 1 invited talk were carefully reviewed and selected from 119 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections named: FPGA implementation; AES; elliptic curve cryptosystems; lattices; side channel attacks; fault attacks; lightweight symmetric algorithms, PUFs; public-key cryptosystems; and hash functions.

Probabilità Statistica e Simulazione: Programmi applicativi scritti con Scilab

Il volume contiene in forma compatta il programma svolto negli insegnamenti introduttivi di statistica e tratta alcuni argomenti indispensabili per l’attività di ricerca, come ad esempio i metodi di simulazione Monte Carlo, le procedure di minimizzazione e le tecniche di analisi dei dati di laboratorio. Gli argomenti vengono sviluppati partendo dai fondamenti, evidenziandone gli aspetti applicativi, fino alla descrizione dettagliata di molti casi di particolare rilevanza in ambito scientifico e tecnico. Numerosi esempi ed esercizi risolti valorizzano l’opera ed aiutano il lettore nella comprensione dei punti più difficili ed importanti. Come ulteriore supporto, questa seconda edizione contiene molti programmi applicativi scritti col software libero Scilab, scaricabili dal sito web creato dagli autori. Il testo è rivolto agli studenti universitari dei corsi ad indirizzo scientifico e a tutti quei ricercatori che devono risolvere problemi concreti che coinvolgono aspetti statistici e di simulazione .

Parallel R

This concise book introduces you to several strategies for using R to analyze large datasets. You’ll learn the basics of Snow, Multicore, Parallel, and some Hadoop-related tools, including how to find them, how to use them, when they work well, and when they don’t.

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